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New Relaxer System Promotes Special Moisture Blend™ Complex
And Packaging Sustainability.

NEW YORK, NY – August 10, 2010: This fall, Johnson Products Company (JPC) will launch a new touch-up relaxer system and maintenance line called, Ultra Care.™ The goal for JPC was to design a product using its innovative Moisture Blend™ complex, which features a special blend of castor, coconut and avocado oils, to address the on-going problem of dryness and hair breakage that exists for ethnic women with their hair. JPC is also using the launch of Ultra Care™ to lead the ethnic hair care market in producing an environmentally responsible product that uses eco-friendly resins and recyclable packaging  is not new to being a pioneer in the multicultural hair care market. When JPC was founded in the 1950’s, the company innovated the black hair care space with its heritage brand, Ultra Sheen®, which worked exclusively to keep black hair beautiful and healthy. Today, under new African American leadership, JPC plans to lead the industry again with Ultra Care,™ which was created around the premise that for healthy, beautiful hair “moisture is king.”

“Ultra Sheen® is a legacy brand that we modernized with the use of today’s technology and leveraged it to engage the African American consumer as well as create excitement and brand awareness,” explains Renee Brown, JPC executive vice president. “The ‘new’ Johnson Products Company will provide us with a platform to bring product innovations and promotions for Ultra Care™ and other JPC brands to a unique multicultural consumer group,” says JPC CEO, Eric Brown.

Ultra Care™ is a new growth, touch-up relaxer kit that will come in regular or coarse and has a full maintenance line that includes: Ultra Care™ Moisture Blend Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo, Ultra Care™ Moisture Blend Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner and Ultra Care™ Moisture Blend Oil Rich Serum. With JPC’s Moisture Blend™ complex, the unique combination of castor, coconut and avocado oils allows Ultra Care™ to provide a barrier against moisture loss and adds moisture layers to every strand. Chocked full of vitamins A, B, D, E, various proteins and a natural anti-oxidant, the rich avocado oil provides deep moisture conditioning for dry hair and the fatty acids found in natural castor oil nourishes the hair and prevents the scalp from drying by retaining moisture. The softening and Über conditioning effects of coconut oil corrects damage and leaves a shiny complexion to the hair. The benefits of this new Moisture Blend™ complex include allowing for the highest shine properties in the hair; giving hair the maximum level of Vitamin E (an antioxidant and hair protectant); allowing for ease of use as well as protecting hair from environmental damages. In all, Ultra Care™ will nourish hair by delivering the right amounts of moisture to the hair throughout the entire relaxing process.

The second innovative component for Ultra Care™ is the product’s packaging sustainability platform. JPC is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and realized that providing good global stewardship with the launch of Ultra Care™ makes good business sense. Ultra Care™ is the first relaxer and maintenance line within the ethnic hair care arena that has made sustainability an important component in its manufacturing process. JPC’s “thoughtful packaging” for Ultra Care™ also uses eco-friendly resins and is 100% recyclable.

For more information on JPC and Ultra Care,™ visit http://www.johnsonproducts.com.


About Johnson Products Company
Newly established as an independent company in 2009 and originally founded in 1954, Johnson Products focuses on strategic brand and business development in the ethnic hair care market. The company has been a leading brand for more than a half-century in the African-American community and currently offers more than 60 hair care products under the Gentle Treatment® and Ultra Sheen® brands.

For more information on the newly acquired Johnson Products Company, its family of brands and to download photographs of the new management team, visit the company’s website at http://www.johnsonproducts.com.

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